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Being as prepared as possible for unexpected emergencies is the best way to avoid some major issues. Having a well practiced plan can help you reduce personal injuries as well as structural damage to your home. A house fire is an unexpected emergency that you can prepare for should you ever have...
Although most households have a fire extinguisher in their house, they are so rarely used that most people probably don’t know if they still work. What good is a fire extinguisher in an emergency if it has no pressure or the chemicals have separated? In order to be the most prepared as possible...
If you’ve ever experienced the need for water damage repair in Richmond, then you know that it can be quite the nightmare to fix. Whether the issue is caused by a flood, leaking roof, or leaky pipes, the outcome of mold and mildew, and possible property damage, is not one you want to deal with...
Protecting your family is likely your number one priority. You ensure they are prepared for any situation by planning and practicing disaster drills, ensure they know what is to be done in case of fire, and are very sure to keep your home secure. However, there may be a small danger lurking in...
It’s no secret that taking certain security measures in your kitchen is crucial to prevent fires and other unfortunate situations that may occur in this place. However, it’s relatively simple to guaranteeing the safety in your kitchen. For this reason at Walter & Frick Construction Co. in...
You and your employees should know the evacuation routes of the building where you work in the event of a disaster. Conducting periodic disaster drills will help keep your employees mindful of how to deal with an emergency situation. Walker & Frick Construction Company in Richmond, VA would...
Maintaining everything in your home properly should be one of your main priorities as head of your household. After all, by doing so, you ensure that your home will be nice, pretty, clean, and safe for longer. For example, you should check your smoke detectors on a monthly basis to verify they’re...
During an emergency, the authorities could have you evacuate your home. It is important to know what to do during this situation and to be prepared. At Walker & Frick Construction DKI in Richmond, Virginia, we already informed you on protecting your pet during an emergency, so what about your...
When it comes to keeping your family safe, you’ve surely already thought about it and perhaps even made some preparations, such as creating a fire safety plan that you’ve gone over with your family. Another great way you can help your family stay protected is by ensuring they are prepared for...
 Being prepared for a natural disaster is paramount for protecting you and your family, but what do you do for the family pet? The staff here at Walker & Frick Construction DKI in Richmond, Virginia, would like to address the safety and well being of your pet in the event of a disaster.