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With the colder months coming up fast, you're surely already looking for ways to keep your house warm, and your electricity bill low. Proper insulation in your home can be very helpful in this respect. However, if you're at a loss on how to do it, don't worry; below you'll find a few tips you can follow.

How to Insulate Your Home

Seal Your Home

You wouldn't believe the amount of heat that your house can lose through window frames, door gaps, or cracks in your walls and ceiling. Do a quick inspection around your house and fix/seal those details to insulate it.

Hang Thick Curtains on Your Windows

You've probably felt the coldness entering your home through the windows even when they're closed. To keep your house warm, use thick curtains on your windows that can prevent the cold air from filtering through.

Double Glaze Your Windows

Speaking of cold weather and windows, consider double glazing your windows to keep the cold air out. This consists of adding a second window pane to them. It can be quite an investment, but it may lower your electricity bills.

Work on Your Attic

As a final tip, you can also keep your attic warm to have a less wasteful home. To do this, you can line its ceiling with fiberglass wool to help maintain its temperature up and your whole house insulated.

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