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Being in an emergency is a terrible experience to go through. However, it can be made much worse if you do any of the things mentioned in this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA.

What Not to Do in an Emergency

Nobody ever wants to be in an emergency situation. The stress and the risk are running high in unforeseen circumstances. However, even though you may be freaking out, there are things you absolutely shouldn't do if you want to stay safe. To find out what these are, continue reading.

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Panicking and Running Around

When there's an emergency situation, you should do your best to remain calm. Needless to say, this is a lot easier said than done, since the adrenaline rush you feel may compel you to start running around in order to get to safety. Still, as you can imagine, this isn't the brightest idea. Being too nervous and acting without thinking can actually put you and the people around you in serious danger. Since this is an emergency situation, you are more likely to make mistakes that could be disastrous. To stay calm, breathe in deeply and think before you act. It's also recommended that you participate in a few drills that could teach you the proper way to operate in an unforeseen circumstance.

Worry About Your Belongings

Yes, you worked hard for the things you own. Some of them may even have a deep sentimental value to you. However, having your family heirloom won't do you any good if you get seriously injured or pass away in an emergency. For that reason, it is important to listen to the advice that says 'in case of an emergency, leave all personal belongings behind.' At the end of the day, things can slow you down when you're trying to get out of a dangerous circumstance. If you want to remain safe, do not stop or go back to get your belongings.

Forget the Basics!

If you're on fire, you may forget to 'stop, drop, and roll.' It's understandable: in all of the hecticness, it's probable that your mind will go blank and you'll forget all of the basic steps you were taught regarding how to react if an emergency unfolds. Still, as mentioned above, you should try your best to remain calm. Doing so will allow you to think more clearly. For example, as you may be aware, you should avoid getting into the elevator if a fire or earthquake breaks out. In those cases, you should use the stairs in order to exit the building. Likewise, remember to check the temperature of the door if there's smoke coming out of a room you want to go into.

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Re-Entering the Structure

If you've made your way outside of the building where the emergency is taking place, then, by all means, stay out there. Re-entering an unstable structure can put you in grave danger. And while you may feel tempted to go back inside to retrieve some of your belongings, we already discussed that it's not a good idea at all. If you want to go back because a person or a pet is still inside, you should let the emergency responders know of the situation, so they can act on it appropriately. Otherwise, try to stay at a safe distance from the building until the pertinent authorities let you know that you can re-enter.

Going Against the Authorities' Orders

Last but not least, if you want to remain safe during an emergency, then you absolutely must listen to and obey the recommendations and instructions the emergency responders and authorities are giving out. Going against them is a big mistake, since it may put your life and well-being in peril. Not only that, but you'll be taking focus away from other situations in the emergency that probably require the attention. So, your best bet is to follow their instructions. This will make their job easier and more effective, and you and those around you will be more likely to come out of the emergency situation unharmed.

Walker & Frick Construction Co. can help you restore your property expertly and promptly. Call them at 804 282 128 to get your home back in good shape after it's been through an emergency, a mishap, or a natural disaster.