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How to Unclog Your Drains

A clogged drain can be the root of many evils, such as mold growth, water damage, and other general inconveniences. The good thing about it (if any) is that it's fairly simply to deal with it. In fact, there are quite a few methods that you can employ to unclog an obstructed drain. If you'd like to learn what the most popular are, keep reading.

Use Hot Water

If the clog isn't that severe, you can pour some boiling hot water down the drain, and let the hot water dissolve the gunk blocking it.

Mix Baking Soda and Vinegar

For this next quick fix, you just need to mix baking soda with vinegar. Once you have a soapy result, pour it on the drain, and let it act for a few minutes. Use water to flush away any residue.

Employ a Plunger

It's likely that you have this handy tool around your home. If you do, just press the plastic cup on the drain and plunge until you've cleared the path.

Utilize an Auger

Another quick way to get rid of a mild obstruction on your pipes, is to use a plumber's snake or auger to push or pull the blockage out of the way.

Carefully Apply a Chemical Gel

If the barrier is much too thick to be dealt with the other methods mentioned, a chemical septic treatment gel can do the job. Just remember to follow its instructions and to be very careful with it.

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