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Dead leaves are a staple of the fall. But, if they pile up on your home, you could face a few dangers. To learn what these are, read this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA.

Why You Should Get Rid of Dead Leaves

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Your Place Will Look Disheveled

This first danger may not seem as dangerous, and it's not. However, we can allow ourselves to be a little vain from time to time and care about how our place looks. And, as you may be able to imagine, having a garden full of dead leaves that just keep on piling up, is not a good look. Not only that, but it can actually cause negative reactions from people around you (neighbors may complain, first-time visitors may get the wrong idea, etc.). Rake your leaves and keep your home's exterior properly maintained so your home can represent you and your family accurately.

The Risk of Slipping is Higher

Slipping is not a fun activity to engage in. So much so that it can lead to falls, serious injuries, and not-so-pleasant situations. Having dead leaves all over the floor increases the chances of people slipping and falling, especially if the days have been rainy.  The dead leaves won't absorb the water, meaning that the water sits on top of them, waiting for someone to step on them and slip. If you rake your leaves diligently, you would be eliminating the probability of a nasty mishap occurring in your home.

Fungi May Develop

Another big risk that may come with the accumulation of dead leaves on your lawn, is the development of different types of fungi. Once again, the rainy days of the fall season won't help. The gathering of moisture on the leaves creates the absolute perfect environment for all of those disgusting little beings to thrive, spread, and make all kinds of chaos. Not only is this repugnant, but it can actually affect you and your family's health, causing respiratory problems that can get pretty serious if they're not treated promptly. So, be sure to rake your leaves to rake the nasty fungi away from you, too.

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They Can Become a Fire Hazard

The previous two entries went over the disastrous things that can take place when dead leaves and moisture mix up. However, if the fall days are drier, there are other dangers to look out for. Mainly, dry dead leaves can become a fire hazard. Allowing dead leaves to accumulate on your lawn means that even flicking a cigarette into a pile of them can be incredibly perilous, since the spark of it can ignite the whole thing and cause damage to your home's exterior. Moreover, the fire can spread out quickly and reach your house.

There Can Be Creatures In It

Humid, dark, cluttered, and dirty; these are the characteristics of a pile of leaves.  While this may not seem like an appealing scenario to you, it can certainly be attractive to a few different creatures. Spiders (even the poisonous kind), snakes (which can be poisonous, too), ticks, and other types of insects and animals can be making that pile of dead leaves their home. This means that if you step into the pile (or if you let your children play in it), someone could get bitten and hurt.

A Few Other Unseen Perils

Last but not least, you should realize that there can be other unseen perils hiding underneath that pile of dead leaves on your front lawn. For example, you could step on it and fall into a big hole under it (that you won't be able to be aware of because it will be covered). Other things that could be lurking under the surface are big rocks, slippery mud, tools, toys, among other objects. Clear up the lawn so you can pay attention to the ground you're walking on.

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