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Absolutely nobody wants a stinky home. To make sure yours isn't offensive to your and your guests' noses, read this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA.

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The Common Culprits of Odors at Home


One of the worst things you can find in your house is mold developing on your walls, ceiling, floors, and more. This is because mold can become a real annoyance: it can ruin your belongings, it can ruin your home's infrastructure, and it can ruin your and your family's health. Not only that, it can give your home this nasty, unfresh, rotten eggs scent that you will definitely be able to identify. To get rid of smaller mold developments, you will need to clean your home thoroughly with bleach to kill the fungus. You'll also need to ventilate your property effectively and keep the place dry.


Having carpeted floors in your home can have a slew of benefits (they're soft, they provide warmth, they can add style to your home, among others). Unfortunately, they can also have a few disadvantages. One of them, and the one that concerns this post, is that they can house some not-so-pleasant odors. They absorb the air around them. Moreover, they can develop their own bad scent if you don't clean them well and regularly. To make sure it doesn't happen in your own household, you need to be diligent with your carpet's maintenance (vacuum it on a weekly basis and get it professionally cleaned once a year).


Now, the dishwasher is meant to clean your dishes, which is why it may be weird to think that it may be one of the reasons why your home isn't smelling as great as it should. Still, this can be the case: the dishwasher can store some food residue in its inner systems. Moreover, the poor ventilation inside it can cause it to develop mold, which we already know stinks. To keep the dishwasher from emitting fowl scents into your home, you need to cleanse it properly. Run a cycle on it with extra hot water and white vinegar to eliminate any nastiness in it.

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Living without a working refrigerator seems unthinkable. It helps you preserve your food for a lot longer, which can impact your economy, your health, your daily routine, and much more. Living with a stinky refrigerator, however, is not as pleasant. Yet, this is a reality many people live with because they allow their food to expire and rot in it. Once again, cleanliness is key. Clean out and throw out any rotten food before it stinks it all up. You should also check and clean out the fridge's dip pans periodically to prevent mold growth in them.


It should come as no surprise to you that trash stinks. It's made up of dirty, rotten stuff, so it's no wonder that it starts emitting a particularly disgusting odor after some time. Needless to say, if you allow a full trash can to sit in your house for days, the horrid smell will begin to fill up the air (not to mention, it can also lead to other disgusting situations, like maggots growing around it). Of course, to avoid all of that nastiness, you need to take out your trash every day. It's also suggested that you wash the trash cans every so often to keep them sanitary and scent-free.

Sewage Gas

Last but not least, you should consider the sewage. If you know anything about the sewage system, you know that it's in charge of collecting and displacing human waste. Just by knowing that, you have a pretty clear idea of why it reeks. Still, some of its baddest odors can make it up your house's drains, stinking up the place. If this happens in your house, you better act fast, as it could be bad news for your health. Bacteria, methane, and other unfortunate elements can build up in it. Call an experienced plumber or team to help you deal with this situation in an effective manner.

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