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Holiday parties are merry and bright, except if you're the host! To make the preparations for your holiday event less stressful, read this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA.

How to Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Events!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And with good reason: 'tis the season to enjoy the company of your loved ones and celebrate the holidays you subscribe to. However, hosting a holiday event can be very stressful. To make this easier on you, the following post will share some tips on how you can make your place ready for the family and friends that will be joining you for the festivities.

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Clean Up Your House Thoroughly

Your lovely holiday party can be ruined if your home stinks, if it's cluttered, or if it generally looks disheveled and disgusting. For that reason, the first step to get your home ready for the festivities, should be to clean your place from top to bottom and from left to right. Be sure to be extra thorough with the areas where your guests will be gathering, such as the patio, the living room, the dining room, the bathroom, and the kitchen.

Prepare Your Floors

Your floors should get special attention when getting your home ready to  host your guests. This is because it's possible that spills, falls, and other mishaps will take place upon them, which may damage them. That's why you should firstly make sure they're super, duper clean. If you have carpeted floors, be sure to vacuum them thoroughly, and to get a professional team to deep clean them before your big event. You may even want to use mats or decorate with rugs to keep your carpeting protected.

Make Your Place Merry and Bright

Along with making your place squeaky clean, you should also aim to make it merry and bright. You'll be hosting a holiday event, after all, so you should have your home reflect that. For instance, red, green, and gold accents here and there, as well as garlands, a few Santa ornaments, and a tree, are a must if you celebrate Christmas. Or, if you'll be having a New Year's Eve bash, decorate with items that allude to this festivity.

Provide Some Quick Maintenance

Other issues that can make the mood of your party go south for a bit are a wonky banister, a burnt light bulb, an unkempt fireplace, or other similar, smaller details. That's why, you should try to make your place as safe and functional as you can. To that end, you should do an inspection round and provide some quick maintenance to those easy-to-fix issues before your event. Doing so will help you keep the party going without much of a hassle.

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Restrict Access to a Few Rooms

As mentioned above, your guests will probably wander through the kitchen, living room, and dining room in your home. However, especially if you're hosting a large party, it's likely that there are a few rooms where guests shouldn't get into (i.e. your bedroom). To keep your party as mishap-free as possible, restrict access to those areas. Locking your bedroom will prevent some awkward situations.

Store Valuable Items

You probably wouldn't want to lose your old family heirloom, or laptop in a party mishap, would you? To make sure you don't, store valuable items in a safe space before the guests' arrival. For instance, breakables, your electronics, and even your prescription meds will be better off in a spot that's away from the party.

Keep the Stains Off

Last but not least, you need to be ready for the inevitable spills that will happen at your holiday event. To that end, you should first prevent: spray a stain repellent on your carpet and upholstery, have coasters ready on your tables, and use stylish throws to cover your sofas. You should also have your cleaning tools close by. For instance, having paper towels handy will help you blot a spill and prevent a stain from settling. Doing so will help you keep only the nice mementos from your party, and not the ones that make your home seem disheveled.

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