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The kitchen is a staple room in every household. To make sure you stay safe while you're in it, you should follow the tips mentioned in this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA.

How to Make Your Kitchen Safer

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Always Pay Attention When Cooking

Needless to say, you should always pay attention while you're cooking. This is because you never know what could happen at a moment's notice that could require you to act fast in order to prevent a major mishap. This means that, even though it may be boring to just stare at your food while it's cooking, you should stay nearby, so the items on your stove aren't unattended.

Careful With Fabrics

As everyone knows (or they should), most fabrics are highly flammable. This means that if you're cooking, you need to be careful with any fabrics that may be nearby, lest you want them to catch on fire. That's why, you should make sure that there are no rags, curtains, napkins, or other fabrics near the stove's flames. On that same note, be careful with what you wear while you cook. Clothing that's too long or too loose on you can be a bit dangerous.

Mind the Appliances

A microwave, a blender, a toaster, a refrigerator, dishwasher, among others, are appliances that are common in the kitchen. However, to keep your kitchen safe, you need to pay attention to them, their condition, how you use them, etc. For example, you shouldn't use anything with frayed wires, as it can be very troublesome. Likewise, avoid getting the appliances wet, since that could cause a spark. Lastly, avoid sticking metal or aluminum into the toaster, microwave, and more, as you could get seriously injured.

Clean Spills Promptly

Electrocution and fires aren't the only hazards that can found in the kitchen. Since liquids are commonly involved when cooking, it's not uncommon to have some of them spilled all over the floor which, as you can imagine, can lead to trips and falls. For that reason, you need to clean up spills the moment that they happen. This way, you will ensure that the floors aren't slippery, and that no one will slip, fall, and get injured while cruising through the kitchen.

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React Correctly to Grease Fires

And coming back to fires, you need to be cautious if a grease fire occurs. Grease and oil are present in a lot of cooking recipes. Still, they are highly flammable. Not only that, but trying to put a grease fire out with water can make matters much worse. If there's ever a fire in your home, and there's grease involved in it, you need to use a fire extinguisher to suppress it, or cover it with a big and thick enough fabric to suffocate the flames. If the fire gets too big, call the fire department immediately.

Learn to Use Your Knives

If not employed correctly, knives and their sharp edges can also become dangerous objects in the kitchen. To guarantee nobody will get injured because of them, you need to learn to use them. For example, have a tight grip on them and employ the right maneuver when slicing up your food. Of course, you should never play with them. If you have to sharpen your knives, learn how to do it safely with help from this guide by Cook's Illustrated.

Watch Out for Children

Children are playful, curious beings that may not be aware of the dangers that may befall them in the kitchen. That's why, it is imperative that you watch out for them when they're in there. Moreover, unless you're teaching a child to cook, they shouldn't even go near the stove, knives, or appliances. And if they will be learning to cook, ensure they're always supervised.

Have Safety Tools Available

Last but not least, it's necessary to have a few safety tools available in the kitchen, so they can help you in case of an emergency. For instance, having functional and properly-maintained smoke detectors can alert you if a fire or gas leak starts out. If a mishap has already taken place, a first aid kit and fire extinguishers, can help you take care of it properly.

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