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Raking leaves is a maintenance task that must be done during this time of year. If you'd like to learn tips on how to do it effectively and safely, read this post that Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA has prepared for you.

Autumn is easily one of the most beautiful and stunning seasons of the year. Few things compare to the changing leaves that paint the landscape in gold, brown, red, and burgundy. Yet, as lovely as they are, those changing and falling leaves need to be removed at some point. If you don't, they can become a fire hazard, the habitat for dangerous animals, and even a trap for moisture and the perfect spot for mold development (not to mention, they can be quite unsightly after a while). For that reason, it is imperative that you rake the leaves in your house every so often during this time of year. If you want to go through this task in a safe and effective manner, the following post shares tips that can be very useful.

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How to Rake Leaves Efficiently

Have a Plan

Before you begin your raking project, it's important that you plan it so it can go over smoothly and effectively. Having a good plan to work on, will let you know which day you'll be going through it, what area you'll be raking, how much time you'll spend on the task, and more.

Get Your Tools Ready

Of course, you can't rake leaves if you don't have the proper tools to do it. For that reason, you should also prepare the right tools to get the job done. Said tools should include a leaf rake, several plastic sheets to collect the dead leaves, and a big enough trash can to put it all in.

Check the Weather

You wouldn't want to be halfway through your cleaning job, and then stop because it started raining, would you? To keep this annoying situation from happening, check the weather on the day you're raking. If it'll be windy or rainy, you may want to do the raking on another day,

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Go Little by Little

Raking your lawn, driveway, backyard, and more can be a very tiring task. That's why you should consider going through it little by little. For example, instead of raking the whole thing every day, focus on cleaning the high-traffic areas, like the entryway, more frequently to avoid accidents.

Set Up Different Collection Areas

If it's time to rake a larger area (like the backyard or front lawn), it's a good idea to set up different collection areas. Simply place plastic sheets on different spots on your yard and collect a pile of leaves on each one. This will help you avoid having to drag them all through the lawn.

Ask for Help

As stated, and as you can imagine, raking the dead leaves can be exhausting. To make the task easier to get through and have a fun time while you're at it, ask for help from your family, roommate, or close friends. This will lighten the burden and will lessen the time/effort spent.

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Keep Yourself Protected

You should keep yourself protected as you're raking leaves. To that end, wear gloves, long pants, and boots as you work, so you don't get scratched or bitten by bugs. Likewise, wearing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses is crucial if you want to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays.

Take Care of Yourself

Last but not least, be sure to take care of yourself. If you don't want this maintenance task to get the best of you, you should be aware of how much you're working and how you're doing it. Remember to keep good posture, to drink enough water, and to take breaks to remain safe.

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