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To have a safe, functional house, you need to take care of all of its components. To that end, in this post, Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA, shares basic tips on how to maintain your dryer. 

Your clothes dryer makes your life much easier, especially as we're moving into the colder weather again, and the days won't be sunny enough to air dry your clothing. However, for your dryer to continue providing this awesome service in a safe way, you should clean it out every so often. If you don't, lint may get stuck in the system and causing a fiery disaster. Still, providing maintenance for your dryer isn't exactly intuitive. If you're uncertain of what you need to do, the following post can serve as a basic guide to maintaining your dryer correctly, so you can keep it safe and working as expected for a lot longer.

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How to Clean Your Clothes Dryer Properly

Learn More About Your Dryer

Start by doing some prep work. As mentioned above, this is a basic guide to dryer maintenance. Not only that, but dryers are complex machines. To go through with this maintenance project effectively, you’ll need to begin by reading the dryer’s manual so you know how to care for the particular model you have.

Perform Regular Maintenance on the Dryer

Something to be mindful of is that, even though you absolutely must clean out your dryer every couple of months, you need to provide maintenance after each time you use it. For instance, simply empty the lint trap to keep said lint from gathering and becoming a problem.

Prepare for the Job at Hand

You've read the manual and you've kept up with the dryer's regular maintenance. What's left to do before you begin working on its cleanliness is to prepare. To that end, you should unplug the dryer and very carefully, push it away from the wall so you can work on it comfortably and safely.

Get Rid of Trapped Lint

Let's begin with the extra steps. You'll notice that, even if you do a good job of cleaning out the lint trap after each use, it will still have fabric caught up in there. To remove it, wash the trap with mild soap and water, and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Vacuum the Lint Trap Effectively

Next up, you’ll need to take out your vacuum to lift all of the lint that may be inside the lint trap in your dryer. Just remember to use the adequate attachments to perform this task.

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Detach and Clean the Vent Pipe

Now it’s the vent pipe’s turn. First, detach the pipe (the one that connects your dryer to the wall) so you can clean it effectively. Then, with the help of a thin nozzle, vacuum its insides to catch all of the lint that may be trapped in there.

Clean the Dryer Inside Out

It’s also a good idea to use this time to clean the dryer. Rub it down with a cloth to remove all of the dust and dirt that may be on it. Also, make sure to clean the space around it and to move any flammable objects away from it.

Put Things Back Where They Belong

This next step is fairly easy: you just need to put everything back in its place. Safely attach the vent pipe to the dryer/wall, carefully push your dryer back to its original spot, put the lint trap back in, and plug the dryer once again.

Call a Professional With Regularity

Finally, you just need to keep in mind that while you can maintain your dryer, you should also enlist the help of a technician every now and again so they can ensure that your dryer is working as it should.

Remember that you can trust in Walker & Frick Construction Co. if you're in need of a dedicated team that can provide professional property restoration in Richmond, VA. Call 804 282 128 to inquire about their services and how they can help you through this delicate time.