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Are you ready to start fresh and keep your home happy this new year? If you are, this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA, will give you some ideas on basic home maintenance resolutions to keep this year! 

Hooray! A new year has started! The new year is a great time because it basically gives you a blank slate, a chance to reflect on your past decisions, and the boost you need to change and improve in some areas. For example, as a homeowner, you need to keep up with your home's maintenance. However, sometimes, life gets in the way, and you neglect it for a bit. As you can imagine, this can have some consequences and cause your home to be unsafe, not as pleasant, and more expensive. For this reason, it could be a good idea to keep some new year's resolutions for basic home maintenance this year. To get some ideas on the matter, continue reading the post below.

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New Year's Resolutions for Basic Home Maintenance

Notice and Deal with Issues Early On

One of the best new year's resolutions to keep for basic home maintenance is to simply notice when things aren't what they're supposed to be. Being aware of your home and how its components are working can make a world of difference. Then, promptly remedying any issues can help you avoid bigger and more costly consequences.

Do Monthly Checkups

Tied to the point above, you may want to start doing monthly checkups on your home and its components. This will help you notice problems early on. Test your smoke alarms, look for cracks, turn faucets and lights on, etc. Take a notepad and pen with you around the house so you can write down what needs fixing.

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Prepare for the Maintenance Tasks

More often than not, you will find a few areas that need care during your monthly checkups. If you do and decide you can repair them yourself, you must prepare for the maintenance tasks properly. Safety should always be your priority, so ensure you have the right gear, material, and know-how before you begin. This will also help you get through the process more effectively.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

A big thing you can do for your home that falls under basic home maintenance is keeping it clean. A cleaning schedule will help you stay on top of your home's cleanliness. Still, you may want to have a deep cleaning session every couple of months, as well as do some decluttering regularly. This will help your home stay in the best shape possible.

Look After Its Appearance

Yes, having a safe and functional home is a priority. However, having a pretty home can do wonders for you, your family, and your place's market value. For this reason, you should look after its appearance. Check if the wall paint has faded, is chipped or bubbling, replace dead plants, and even straighten crooked wall art. This will make your place a pleasant home in which your family will love to live.

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Provide Seasonal Maintenance

Each season is different, and their conditions can have very extreme effects on your home. This is why you must provide seasonal maintenance to your home. For example, even though you should care for your gutters and downspouts all year, it becomes imperative during the wet season. Likewise, insulate your pipes before the coldness of winter hits. Seasonal maintenance will help your home adapt to changing conditions.

Call Professionals Once a Year

Last but not least, you should realize that there are some things you can't handle on your own. You must call a professional team to help you at least once a year. For example, a technician can provide the required maintenance for your AC. An electrician can look at the electrical installations. Having an experienced team check the different components in your home can guarantee it will be in top condition for longer.

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