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A wet carpet can lead to mold growth and damage to your property and your family's health. Learn how to dry your carpet effectively with this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA.

There are a million and one reasons for a wet carpet: an accident from your furry friend, spilled juice, a flood, leaky pipes, rain seeping in, among many others. However, whatever the reason, you should know that allowing your carpeting to remain wet is a terrible idea: not only can it become completely ruined, but it can develop carpet mold, which can put your and your family's health in peril. For that reason, the moment you see that water has touched the fibers of your carpeted floors, you need to get moving to deal with the situation. To learn how to dry your carpet effectively, continue reading the following post.

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How to Dry Your Carpet Effectively

Tend to the Situation Fast

The first thing to understand is that time is of the essence. The more you wait, the more the moisture seeps into, the deeper layers of the carpeting, which are harder to dry. So, when you notice that there's liquid on your carpeted floors, you should leave everything you're doing behind and run to attack the problem before it becomes bigger.

Absorb the Excess Moisture

Now, for the first step: absorbing some of the excess moisture that's on your carpeted floors. To that end, you will need to grab a dry, clean cloth or towel. Once you have it, go to the affected area and start blotting the space with it. Do it repeatedly to absorb as much of the moisture as you can. Be careful, however, since rubbing or scrubbing the area can help the liquid sink deeper. Another tip, if there's too much liquid, is to use a vacuum to suck some of it up.

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Let the Padding Underneath Breathe

If you suspect that the moisture may have reached the layers beneath the carpet's surface, you will need to take extra steps to get them dry and avoid water and mold damage. To ventilate them, you will have to uncover them: lift the outer layer of the carpet and expose them completely. Keep in mind that the padding is most prone to mold growth since it doesn't get much ventilation, so that this step can be crucial.

Allow Air to Move Through the Space

Ventilation is your best friend when it comes to drying your carpeting effectively since it helps lower the humidity levels. For that reason, allowing air to move through the location of the wet carpet is crucial. There are several things you can do to that end: you can open doors and windows, you can turn on fans, and you can turn the AC on. You can do one, two, or all of these things to help the carpeting dry as fast as possible.

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Quarantine the Area Until It's Dry

Speaking of helping your carpeting dry faster, you should quarantine the affected area until the floor is completely dry. Allowing your family, pets, friends, or others to step on it can only make the problem bigger and the drying process slower. To avoid this, let everybody in your household know that they should walk around the area in question. Likewise, you can create a perimeter with furniture or objects to make this point clearer.

Use Baking Soda if Needed

Finally, if your carpeting is basically dry, but you still get a hint of humidity emanating from it, you can use baking soda to fix the problem. Just as you use it in your fridge to get rid of nasty smells, you can use it on your carpets to that end. Just sprinkle a good amount of baking soda all over your flooring. Let it sit, absorb and neutralize the smell for a few hours. Then, vacuum it and the stink away.

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