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A boiler can be a great asset to any home, especially when the temperatures drop. Learn to do boiler maintenance on your own with this post that Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA, has for you.

A boiler is basically a water heater that allows you to shower comfortably and without freezing over. As you can imagine, this is especially helpful during the coldest days of the year, when icicles come out of the shower head. However, if you want your boiler to work as expected during autumn and winter, you must maintain it in the summer. A boiler, like most things, is subjected to the consequences of time and use. This can be especially troubling when you stop to consider that a boiler is powered by fire. For this reason, you should learn more about boiler maintenance. Continue reading the post below for a general guide on the matter.

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How to Maintain Your Boiler

Put Safety First

You may be aching to start the boiler maintenance right away. However, remember that you'll be working with fire, water, gas, heat, and more. To stay safe, you need to take a few steps. For instance, turn off the boiler and let it cool for a while before you start handling it. This will help you avoid burns and damage.

Remove Any Flammable Items or Obstructions

Another safety measure you should absolutely follow is removing any flammable objects or items that could obstruct the boiler's ventilation. This will help you avoid fires, accidents, and other dangerous situations. Moreover, getting stuff out of the way will help you have a more efficient maintenance process. Plus, you can clean the area around the boiler.

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Clean Up Inside the Boiler

An essential part of boiler maintenance is cleaning up inside it. A few substances can accumulate inside the boiler (gunk, dirt, and soot, among others). The problem is that these could affect the boiler's performance. Furthermore, they can shorten its lifespan. To clean it up, grab a flashlight and illuminate inside the boiler. After you get an idea of its condition, clean it up.

Check All the Pipes

Your boiler has a few pipes that go into the boiler. These are a key part of its functioning, as they're the ones that get water in and out of the boiler, among other tasks. For this reason, you must check them as part of the boiler maintenance process. To that end, check each one. Make sure they're all attached, secure, and not leaking.

Test Out the Valve

Your boiler also has a valve, which is a component that allows the pressure to be relieved and regulates the temperature. However, time and use can take a toll on it, which is why you should verify it's in good shape. To do so, lift the lever. If it snaps back quickly, check for the sound of boiling water. If it's slow to snap back and you don't hear boiling water, replace it soon.

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Drain the Tank Regularly

Your boiler can develop sediment and rust over time. As you can imagine, this is bad news for the boiler since it can shorten its life expectancy. This is why you should drain the tank every so often. To do it, place a bucket underneath the drain valve and open it. Let the water flow out. Then, you can use that water for other purposes.

Insulate the Boiler

Finally, don't forget to insulate the boiler. Insulating the water heater can help it retain its temperature more effectively. This can save you a lot of money, as you'll notice your electric bill getting lower. Plus, it will help improve the boiler's performance. Wrap a fitted fiberglass insulation blanket around the boiler to insulate it. Just cut holes to ventilate it properly.

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