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You and your employees should know the evacuation routes of the building where you work in the event of a disaster. Conducting periodic disaster drills will help keep your employees mindful of how to deal with an emergency situation. Walker & Frick Construction Company in Richmond, VA would like to give you a few tips on how to conduct disaster drills in the workplace.

Safety Committee

Depending on the size of your company, this committee should include one representative from each department if you have departments. That person should be elected the team leader of the department or group. This leader is responsible for making sure all members of the team evacuate the building and meet at a predetermined location outside.

Evacuation Plan

All of your employees must have evacuation procedures provided to them before the drills begin. They must understand exactly where all of the exits are located in case one or more of them are blocked. For guidance, make sure large, easy to read evacuation signs are posted throughout the building.

Disaster Drill Scenarios

Conduct regular and varied drill scenarios, including one where some exits are marked "blocked" to encourage people to find other routes out of the building. Hold a drill once every couple of weeks initially until everyone feels confident about their part in the disaster evacuation. Then once every couple of months after that should be sufficient to keep your employees aware of what could happen in a real emergency.

Emergency Reconstruction in Richmond

All of your employees should also be trained on how to report a disaster and the use of emergency safety equipment. At Walker & Frick Construction DKI, our specialty is emergency mitigation services in response to properties damaged by water, fire or other destructive forces here in Richmond, Virginia. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response Line is (804) 282-1281.