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When it comes to keeping your family safe, you’ve surely already thought about it and perhaps even made some preparations, such as creating a fire safety plan that you’ve gone over with your family. Another great way you can help your family stay protected is by ensuring they are prepared for other types of emergencies that might require an evacuation. Walker & Frick Construction DKI in Richmond would like to help you with that today by providing you with a few tips as to what you should expect should an evacuation be necessary, and what you can do to prepare.

The first step is ensuring that your family is prepared for the evacuation with a few important items from your home. 
  • You should have an emergency kit or at the least a small first aid kit that you can bring with you
  • Make arrangements for your pets-you can do this before hand, to ensure they’ll always have a place to go in case of emergency 
  • Be sure to bring your cell phone and a charger, while it is possible the cell towers will be down, there is the other possibility that your cell phone will be working well
  • If you or a family member has a medical condition, ensure that you gather necessary medication as well as prescriptions, just in case you’ll need to refill them while you’re away 

If you’ve got sufficient warning of the evacuation, you may have time to make a few preparations in your home to protect it while you’re away. 
  • You can help protect your electronics from being subject to power surges by unplugging them before you leave-take extra care in doing this with computers, television sets, and larger appliances
  • You should consider throwing out, or taking with you, any perishable food that may go bad
  • Take the time to ensure all of your windows are securely shut and locked
  • Leave a note in your home, in case a friend of family member has a key and may come by to check on your family after you’ve already evacuated
  • And of course, when you leave, lock all of the doors behind you

When you and your family return from an evacuation, be prepared that things may not be as you left them. You may have a long road of restoration ahead of you. If that is the case, remember that Walker & Frick Construction DKI is able to help you return to normalcy. For water damage property restoration in Richmond, contact us at 804.282.1281.