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Summer is here! But before you start enjoying a cookout, you need to provide maintenance for your grill. Follow the tips in this post to ensure it will be in top shape to provide delicious foods and fun times. 

How to Maintain Your Barbecue Grill Properly

Summer cookouts are one of the main reasons why we're so excited that it's this time of the year again! Before you start heating up the grill, however, you need to make sure that it's in mint condition, so your social gatherings don't turn into a fiery, dangerous mess. To provide maintenance for your grill so you can have a nice time with family, friends and delicious food this summer, read the post below.

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Learn How to Take Proper Care of It

The more information you have on your barbecue grill, the better your chances at maintaining it properly, and the lower the possibility of you making a mistake that could put your safety in peril. For that reason, the first step is to crack open your owner's manual and read through it. It'll have specific instructions on how you can care for it.

Provide Constant Maintenance

Maintaining your barbecue grill isn't something that should be done only after it's been in storage for months; it's something you should do after each time you grill. To keep it in mint condition for longer, wipe away grease and food residue (after it's cooled down), cover it when it's not in use, and always be on the lookout for any signs of gas leaks.

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Prepare for the Job

You should take some measures if you want to guarantee you'll get through this maintenance job easily. For starters, you may want to change into old clothing that you can get dirty. Next up, it's very important that you shut off the gas valve that supplies the grill. Finally, be sure to grab the following cleaning supplies:
  • a grill brush
  • a sponge
  • a piece of cloth
  • dishwashing soap
  • water

Tackle the Grates

The barbecue's grates are constantly in contact with food and grease, which means they're probably the dirtiest components in the whole apparatus. To clean them, you will need to scrub hard with the metal scraper end of the grill brush. Go at them until they're squeaky clean. It would be nice if you could remove them, so you could clean them on both sides.

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Work on the Burner Protectors and Ceramic Briquettes

The burner protectors, the ceramic briquettes, and other parts (depending on the model you're working with) live right beneath the grates in your barbecue grill. As you can probably witness, food and grease also make their way to them, dirtying them up. This means that they'll need a nice wash with a sponge and a mix of soap and water. Be diligent with this task until they're completely clean.

Clean the Burners

Without the burners, there simply wouldn't be any grill, since they are the key components that provide the heat that will cook your meals. Much like the other components, they can get nasty after some time and use. To clean them off, you may also use water, soap, and a sponge. Just be sure to pay close attention to the gas ports, and to unclog them if they have filth buildup.

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Wash the Trays

The trays have the important job of catching whatever falls through the slats in your grill, meaning they also have their fair share of gunk stuck to their side. To make them good as new once more, first, you will need to employ the grill brush to scrub off any carbon flakes, grease, and food on them. Once you're done, wash them with water, soap, and a sponge to finish them off.

Put Everything Back in Its Place

Right now, the trays are over on one side, the grates are in some other spot, and basically, every component isn't where it's meant to be. To put it all back together again, check your owner's manual so you can do it correctly. After you do, take some time to wipe off the grill's exterior with a moist cloth to get rid of any filth and make the grill spotless once more.

Call Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. DKI 804 282 1281 to get a free estimate for property restoration in Richmond, VA.