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While putting out a small house fire in time can be a relief, seeing the aftermath can be a bit discouraging. Smoke tends to get everywhere, which means that it can be a pain to clean off. If you're currently facing this situation and want to get rid of the smoke yourself, the following post will share some tips on the matter.

How to Clean Up Smoke after a Small Fire with Property Restoration in Richmond

Get Ready for the Cleaning Job

Before you begin with this important cleaning job in your home, you need to be properly prepared for it. Even if it was a small fire, it can be a difficult, and even emotional task, which is why you need to take certain measures to get ready. For instance:

Allow Air to Run Through Your Home

If after a fire, there's a lot of smoke in your home, your first step should be to open your windows and doors, as well as turn on your fans and AC system to ventilate the rooms and allow some of the smoke to move out. Inhaling too much smoke can be dangerous, so be very careful when going through your home.

Evaluate the Aftermath of the Fire

After you've let your house air out for a bit, the next thing you should do is take a tour through your home and inspect the aftermath. As you do, analyze the damage and ask yourself if you feel confident and able to take care of it effectively. If you don't, your best bet is to call a professional team to clean it up.

Get the Right Tools for the Task

How and what you use to clean up the smoke in your home depends largely on what you're cleaning. For that reason, if you want to do a thorough and efficient job, you need to gather different cleaning tools; for instance, vinegar, detergent, sponges, rubbing alcohol, water, baking soda, and clean cloths.

Take Certain Safety Measures

If you want to handle the situation on your own, you should be careful. That's why it's recommended that you wear protective gear while you work; for example, gloves, and a mask for your nose and mouth. Also, be sure to check the cords of your appliances and don't plug them in if they're frayed or were damaged by the fire.

Clean Your Home with the Appropriate Methods

As previously stated, how you clean your home depends on what you're cleaning. This is because the different materials have specific requirements and restrictions that you need to consider. To help you out, here are some tips on what steps to take and what supplies to use depending on what you're cleaning. If you need expert assistance, call Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. DKI at 804.282.1281 to get fire and smoke damage repair, as well as emergency property restoration in Richmond.

To Wash Away the Smoke in Fabrics

Fabrics get stained and absorb the smell of smoke. If you want to clean your clothing, towels, curtains, bed sheets, pillows, and more, wash them in the washing machine until the stains and smell are gone. If needed, you can also take them to the dry cleaners.

To Eliminate the Stains on Your Ceilings, Walls, and Floor

If your walls, ceilings, and uncarpeted floors were also affected by the smoke, you will have to get your rubbing alcohol, sponges, and water, to clean them. Use the rubbing alcohol and sponges to scrub off the smoke. After you do, thoroughly wash it away with water.

To  Clean Up Your Furniture, Appliances, and Other Items

Smoke is sneaky, and can get into your air vents, appliances, drawers, cabinets, the items in your closets, on your shelves, and more. Check your home thoroughly, and clean those miscellaneous items with water, dishwashing soap, and a sponge. Clean them in detail, so they're good as new again.

To Remove the Smoke from Your Upholstery and Carpets

You can't wash your big rugs, your carpeted flooring, or your upholstery in your machine. To get rid of the smoke in them, pour vinegar in a clean towel and blot the stains until they come off. For the odor, spread baking soda on the fabrics, let it work for a few minutes, then vacuum it and the smell away.

If You Require Expert Property Restoration in Richmond.

Remember that you can count on Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. DKI in Richmond to provide expert fire, water, mold, and smoke damage repair services. They'll be the helping hand you need during this difficult time. Call 804.282.1281 for more information, or if you'd like a free estimate on property restoration in Richmond.