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Guests are always welcome. However, if they decide to drop by unexpectedly, you can follow this guide by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA to give your home a quick clean before their arrival.

During this time of year, we all want to spend as much time as possible with family, friends, and loved ones. That's why we get together with them whenever we get a chance. However, sometimes, those get-togethers aren't planned. In fact, we may not even they're happening until a few minutes before they do, since guests may decide to drop by unexpectedly. It is during this time that you may start to get nervous about your home's cleanliness. Since you weren't expecting anybody, you didn't prepare it to host guests. Still, you should know there are a few things you can take care of to make your home look good in no-time.

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How to Clean Your Home Fast

Pick the Stuff Up

A lot of people have things lying around (be it toys, shoes, clothing, dirty plates, trash, and more). However, these are the ones that are a telling sign that your house isn't in the best shape. That's why, you need to pick that stuff up quickly and put it away.

Wipe Off the Dust

If you haven't been keeping up with your house's dusting, you need to take care of this before your guests arrive (at least, the most obvious ones). Grab a clean cloth and wipe off the dust that's more visible and that will tell your guests you're not the cleanest.

Mind the Details

Disheveled curtains, flattened pillows, messy counters, and other similar details can make your whole place seem dirtier than it is. To make sure these details won't give away that your home isn't as clean as it should be, take care of them at once.

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Odorize Your Place

Bad smells can also be a dead giveaway that your place is dirty. Not only that, but having a smelly home can deter people from visiting you again. For that reason, you need to odorize the place before your guests get there. This is simple enough: you can spray air fresheners, or light up some scented candles to hide not-so-pleasant odors.

Clean the Kitchen

A lot of times, guests want to go into the kitchen (especially considering that many get-togethers revolve around food). Still, having a dirty kitchen can turn things around. That's why, you need to quickly wash plates on the sink, get rid of leftovers, and wipe down the counters, so as to not give the wrong impression to visitors.

Vacuum Your Carpeted Floors

Your carpeted floors can also tell on you if you haven't been taking proper care for them. Dust, small pieces of garbage, and stains can make your home look in worse condition that it is. That's why, it's recommended that you take a couple of minutes to quickly vacuum your carpeted floors and improve the look and feel of your place.

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Go Over the Bathroom

Finding a dirty bathroom can be very nasty, that's why you need to guarantee your guests won't have a traumatic experience in your home. To that end, go over the bathroom, wipe down the sink and toilet with disinfectant, and wash the toilet bowl rapidly. Put away anything that needs to be put away and replenish the toilet paper and soap supply.

Restrict the Access

Lest they'll be close friends or family members, it's likely that there will be some areas in your home that they don't need to be going into (for example, the bedroom). To make sure they don't, you should lock the entrance to said rooms. This will also save you the trouble of having to tidy up those areas.

Stay Calm

Yes, having a clean home is ideal, but it's likely your guests will want to see you despite of all of the mess you may have going on. That's why, you should stay calm and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.

If you need assistance to keep your home spotless, know that Walker & Frick Construction Co. also offers professional cleaning services. Call 804 282 128 if you require cleaning and property restoration in Richmond, VA.