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Water can eat away at the wooden furniture or belongings in your home. If this has happened, read this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA to restore your damaged wood properly.

How to Repair Water Damage to Wood

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Gather the Necessary Supplies for the Job

The first thing you have to do is gather the necessary supplies to go through with this maintenance task. This is because, no matter how easy the job is, you won't be able to do it effectively if you don't have the right tools to help you out. In this situation, you should get putty with hardening cream (auto filler), a putty knife to spread it with, a towel, sandpaper, paint that's made for wood and in the right color, and paint brushes. Having all of these nearby will ensure that you'll be able to do the job in a timely and effective manner.

Ensure the Wood is Completely Dry

It's probable that if a piece of wood has water damaged, that it will remain humid or wet for some time. Still, allowing it to remain that way will damage it further. Not to mention, it won't let you to repair it properly. For that reason, you should do some damage control. Grab a towel and start dabbing the wood repeatedly to absorb the excess moisture in it (be careful with this step if the wood is too fragile). To expedite the drying process, open windows and doors, and turn on fans, so that air can circulate and dry the piece.

Assess the Situation Thoroughly

Now that the piece of wood is completely dry, you need to know what you'll be working on to continue the restoration process effectively. To that end, you should inspect the damaged area thoroughly and assess its condition. Take a close look at it. While you do, notice how much damage it has endured, what areas you'll need to spend most of your time working on, and other similar elements. If you consider that the wood is too damaged, you may want to refrain from trying to salvage it. Or, if you sense that the job is too much for you to handle, you can call an experienced restoration team.

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Remove Loose Chunks and Refill the Wood

One thing you may have noticed while you were inspecting the damaged area, is that there were some wood chunks that were loose or that were rotten beyond repair. If that was the case, then the next thing to do is to completely remove all of those pieces. This way, all you'll be left with is healthy wood to work on. After that, you will need to refill the wood with the putty. To make that happen, you should spread a thick layer of it over the damaged area. Be careful to refill it completely and verify that it's sticking to the healthy wood. It's recommended that you read the instructions first so you can use it correctly.

Let the Putty Dry

This next step is as easy as it can get since you literally have to do nothing at all. This is because it is essential that the putty you used dries thoroughly for your restoration job to go over effectively. Fortunately, the putty is fast-drying, meaning that you won't even have to wait long before you continue with the last step in this tutorial. Still, if you want the drying process to be even faster, you can ventilate the piece of wood.

Finish Restoring the Wood

The last step is to give the finishing touches to the wood so that it looks good as new once more. To replenish it completely, you first need to even out the surface where you applied the putty. To that end, use the sandpaper to make it as smooth as you can. Next up, you will have to paint over the spot you worked on. Just be sure to use a primer before you begin so that the paint will stick to the wooden piece better. After that, you can paint it and let it dry to restore the damage wood in its entirety.

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