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Vacuuming your floors is a serious matter. If you want to learn how to vacuum your carpeted floors expertly, read this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA

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How to Vacuum Your Carpets Clean

Choose the Appropriate Equipment for the Task

To make this task all the more smooth and easy on you, the first step is to get the appropriate equipment to go through with it. To get the perfect vacuum for your needs, however, you firstly have to evaluate the carpet you will be vacuuming over. Determine the size of the carpeted area, the material the carpet is made of, the hair length of its fibers, and how much usage the area gets. After you've taken these factors into account, it will be easier for you to find that has the right suction power and features for them.

Go Over Your Carpeted Floors With Regularity

Something to be mindful of is that your carpets can get dirty fast: dust, debris, dead skin cells, nasty microorganisms, disgusting elements, and all sort of gunk can accumulate in them and get trapped in their fibers. After some time, they can reach the inner layers of your carpeted floors, make them all the more difficult to clean thoroughly. For all of these reasons,  Vacuums Guide says, you should vacuum once a week. If such a task overwhelms you, you can try dividing the carpeted areas in your home and cleaning each section during one day of the week (for example, Mondays can be for cleaning the master bedroom).

Get Ready for the Vacuuming Sessions

Getting ready for your vacuuming sessions will guarantee that they are as effective and quick as possible. One of the prepping steps is to empty out the dust bag, so you don't 'clean' your carpets with a dirty vacuum. Then, you must attach the right nozzle to do the job well. Removing toys and shoes from the area can also help you be quicker and more effective. One last thing you should do to vacuum uninterrupted is move your furniture around.

Call Walker & Frick Construction Co. at 804 282 128 if you require a free estimate on carpet cleaning and professional property restoration in Richmond, VA.

Vacuum Your Floors Appropriately

Believe it or not, there is a correct technique to vacuum your floors with for maximum cleanliness. And no, it's not just hovering over your carpeted floors with the vacuum quickly. The correct technique is to go slowly over one same area on your carpets a couple of times over and in different directions. Doing it this way will ensure that you lift as much of the dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and other nastiness that could be living on your precious flooring. Needless to say, your vacuuming technique should include being thorough when you're going over your floors (after all, that is the whole point of this post). To do that, you may need to move furniture around and attach different nozzles to reach every single nook and cranny on your carpeted floors.

Don't Go Overboard When You Vacuum

If you are a clean freak, you may think that being rough and going over your carpets frantically every day of the week will be the best way to get them as clean as possible. Unfortunately this is not the case. Far from it, going overboard with the carpet's cleanliness can backfire, as the carpets may get damaged and the carpet itself may loosen up. So, when you're vacuuming your carpets try your best to be gentle to avoid a disastrous situation. Likewise, limit vacuuming one area to once or twice per week, so you don't risk shortening the carpeting's lifespan.

Vacuum Your Way Out

By now, you already know that vacuuming your carpeted floors to make them squeaky clean is not something to take lightly. So, of course, you'll want to preserve your carpet's cleanliness as much as possible. However, that can be though to do if you step on your flooring on your way out of your vacuuming session. To prevent having your hard work be erased instantly, vacuum your way out of a room. If needed, you could even clean the carpets barefoot or with clean socks.

Your carpet's cleanliness can interfere with your home's maintenance and health. Call Walker & Frick Construction Co. at 804 282 128 if you require carpet cleaning or professional property restoration in Richmond, VA.