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Protecting your family is likely your number one priority. You ensure they are prepared for any situation by planning and practicing disaster drills, ensure they know what is to be done in case of fire, and are very sure to keep your home secure. However, there may be a small danger lurking in your home that you’re not aware of, and that is the danger of lead. Of course, if your home was built since the 1970s it’s not likely to be a major problem. But, if you’re living in an older home or have antiques in your home, you should pay attention to learn about how you can look for and reduce the levels of lead in your home. While you’re inspecting your home, you should take the time to look for other toxic materials such as mold. For mold remediation in Richmond, know that we can help you at Walker & Frick Construction Co. 

Some possible sources of lead in your home that you will want to look out for and possibly get tested are as follows:
  • toys with paint, especially those antiques made before the 80s
  • paint chips and dust from old painted materials
  • windows and doors, as well as some old furniture that have been sealed
  • some porcelain, lead porcelain to be specific as well as lead crystal
  • residue from the soil, brought in from outside as soil contains trace amounts of lead

If you think you have a problem, here are some ways to help reduce the lead levels in your home:
  • You may have old paint in your home, if it appears to be perfectly in tack, then there is not much to worry about. However, if the paint is chipping or flaking, you should remove as much as you can and repaint with a newer paint which does not contain lead
  • Remember that teething children will look for things at their height to chew on, so if you’ve got a teething child in your home, make sure that the window seals and furniture do not have lead sealing. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to be safe and have them refinished
  • Frequently dust and vacuum, getting as much of the soil and dirt from outside, out of your house
  • Have your water pipes tested. Some pipes that were installed prior to the 90s may still contain lead. While your pipes are being checked, have the inspector look for any water related issues, and remember to contact us for water damage restoration in Richmond.

If in any case, as you are going through your home looking for possible sources of lead, you find home damage that you are not comfortable with fixing on your own, remember that Walker & Frick Construction Co. is here to help with all of your property damage needs in Richmond. Contact us at (804) 282-1281 to see how we can get serve you.