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Do you own a beachfront property? If you don't want to see it fade away any time soon, read this post for information on how to protect it against water damage, mold growth, sun damage, and more.

How to Maintain a Beachfront Property

Here in Richmond, VA, we are lucky to live close to the beach. Those who are even luckier can afford to invest in a beautiful beachfront property where they can enjoy their weekends. If you're one of them, you should know that if you want your property to remain beautiful, there are some steps you should take to protect it against water damage, mold growth, sun damage, and more. To learn what these are, continue reading.

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Use the Appropriate Materials for It

Your beachfront property can fall victim to the elements that surround it: the salt in the air, the humid environment, the summer heat, and more. That's why, the first step in ensuring it has a fighting chance to put up with those harsh conditions, is to use the appropriate materials for it. For example, the installation of fiberglass frames on the windows, and the use of stainless steel on its exterior can help prevent premature damage to your beloved estate. These materials are known to be far more resistant than others to salt and humidity, which makes them the perfect choice to keep your home in great shape for longer.

Keep Your House as Clean as Possible

The moisture, the sand, and the salt can wreak havoc on your place if left to their own devices. That's why your best bet is to remove the salt and sand on a regular basis, so they don't have a chance to eat away at it. This means that it's necessary that you keep your home as clean as possible. Remember that cleaning it can also prevent mold development, so be diligent with this. Schedule regular cleaning sessions in which you thoroughly go through each nook and cranny in your home. Of course, the most at-risk things will be those that are outside, so pay special attention to them: wipe down windows, doors, walls, and any patio furniture you may have.

Take Special Care of the Patio Furniture

Speaking of patio furniture, if you have any, you need to take certain measures, so it doesn't fall victim to the damaging agents in the air. After all, the dream is to be able to sit outside of your beachfront property enjoying the view and ambiance. That can be hard to do, however, if your chairs are rusting away. To take care of them, you can go for a preventive approach: cover them up with a tarp when they're not in use. This will protect against the sun, humidity, and salt. Additionally, as mentioned above, you should do a good job at keeping up with their cleanliness. If you want to take it a step further, you can also use special wax to make them more resistant to the harsh conditions.

If your home has water damage or a mold problem, Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. DKI can help you with professional property restoration in Richmond, VA. Call 804.282.1281 to get a free estimate.

Keep Your Home's Humidity Levels Down

Yes, your beachfront property is subjected to the presence of sand, salt, and sunlight. Nevertheless, these aren't the only elements that can damage it: humidity can also do its part. In fact, it can lead to water damage, mold development, and other misfortunes that can affect your place, your belongings, and even your and your family's well-being. Luckily, you can take certain steps to lower the moisture levels in your home and prevent a disaster. For example, keep it properly ventilated, make sure everything is dry, and even invest in a dehumidifier (which has the added benefit of improving the air quality in your home).

Have a Professional Assess its Condition

As a final tip, it is suggested that you get a professional's assistance every once in awhile (for example, once a year) to ensure your home's integrity is intact. This is because, while you may do your best to keep your home safe, pretty, and functional, you don't have the expertise to spot any underlying issues and to determine if there are any extra steps that need to be taken. A professional will be able to evaluate your home thoroughly, consider its condition, fix any issues they may find, and provide specific tips so you can maintain it in good shape for years and years.

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