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A bad smelling house can be a deterrence to its residents, visitors, and even its neighbors! To learn how you can keep your place smelling awesome, read this post. 

How to Make Your Home Smell Awesome

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Ventilate the Space

Having your house completely shut down (which is common during this time of the year) allows nasty odors to brew and penetrate the space. Moreover, it can give your whole home a stuffy feel. To prevent that, you need to ventilate the space: open windows and doors once in awhile, and/or turn on fans to move the air around you.

Throw the Trash Away

Do you know what smells bad? Trash! Plus, keeping it around can be dangerous for your health. So, obviously, if you don't want your place to smell like trash, throw your trash away (especially the one in the kitchen, as it holds organic waste). Also, clean out the garbage disposal to keep bad odors from rising up from it.

Take Care of the Sources

While trash is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to disgusting smells, it is not the only one in your home. To keep your place smelling awesome, you need to take care of the other sources of bad scents. For example, keep your pet clean and guarantee that the area where they relieve themselves is clean, too. The refrigerator and the bathroom can emit some pretty stinky aromas, so try to maintain them immaculate. Lastly, your carpets and upholstery can also trap yucky smells in them, so clean them thoroughly regularly.

Keep Your Whole House Spotless

Even if there's not a clear source for a bad scent, a dirty house just smells dirty. That's why, you should try to keep your whole house spotless if you want it to smell clean, fresh, and just nice. To that end, you will have to wipe down every surface and reach every nook and cranny.

Maintain Your House Properly

Sometimes, a bad smell can be the symptom of a larger problem at home. For example, a drippy faucet or a leaky pipe in the basement can cause a humidity and mold problem that not only smells bad, but that could make your family sick and ruin your belongings. Make sure your house is properly maintained so those issues won't mess with its scent, or with anything else.

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Beware of Pungent Smelling Foods

More often than not, a house that's filled with food odors can seem warmer and more welcoming. However, certain food odors can overwhelm your place. Spices, onions, oils, fish, and more, can take control of your house's fragrance and not let go for days and days. If you don't want that to happen, be careful when you cook pungent smelling foods, and allow ventilation in the place to make the stench go away faster.

Bake Bread and Sweets

While cooking fresh fish can stink up your place, you can stay in the kitchen to combat the smell. For example, you can try baking bread and sweets to bring a lovely smell and feel into your home. That's why, if you ever get the urge to get your place smelling yummy, you can try baking cookies to envelop your whole house with their sweetness.

Keep Plants Around Your House

Having plants inside your home can benefit you in a myriad different ways: they bring life to the place, they can add to your home's look, and they can improve your mood. Still, they can do much more than that, as they also clean out the air in your house. This means that fresh plants will help you get rid of nasty scents. Moreover, having aromatic flowers around will add a delightful aroma to your house.

Employ Scented Items

Lastly, if you really want your place to smell awesome, employ scented items to that end. Nowadays, you can choose between air fresheners, scented candles, dryer sheets, and more, in a variety of scents (lavender, peach, wood, baked goods, etc.) to make your home smell like you want it to.

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