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Mold growth can occur in your home for a variety of reasons. Knowing what conditions are most likely to spur mold growth can go a long way in helping you prevent it. While it is more common in certain rooms and surfaces, mold can pop up just about anywhere.  It can produce unsightly marks and carry an unpleasant odor, but, more importantly, it can affect your health. Prevention is key in keeping your home mold free. Here at Walker & Frick Construction DKI in Richmond we have some tips to help you prevent mold from growing in your home.

  1. Keep humidity and moisture under control. Use a moisture meter to help you keep track of the moisture and humidity levels in the different areas of your home. Certain rooms might have higher levels of moisture. It is important that you investigate the cause and work on getting it fixed. If you don’t have a moisture meter, look for signs of high moisture levels, such as constant condensation on walls or windows.
  2. Keep your home ventilated. Keep the air in your home circulating in order to help reduce the levels of moisture and humidity. The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important areas that need adequate air circulation. The steam produced by hot showers and from cooking can cause higher moisture levels. Make sure to always turn on vent fans or exhaust fans to eliminate the moisture produced. If you don’t have a vent fan, opening a window or using a regular fan are also good alternatives for promoting circulation.
  3. Keep things dry. Wet areas in your home can also add to the rising humidity levels. Anything from simple carpet spills to wet piles of clothes can contribute to the problem. Try to dry carpet spills immediately in order to prevent mold growth in your carpet. Be prepared to dry areas that are prone to floods and figure out a way to avoid future flooding. Any item that is water damaged should be moved outside until it is dry and you’re sure it is free of mold. Fix leaky pipes and don’t leave wet items around the house.
  4. Get extra help. If your home feels humid a lot of the time, use your appliances to reduce humidity levels. Using a dehumidifier is a great and effective way to reduce humidity in your home. Your air conditioner can also help contribute to the solution. Setting it to its “dry” setting to help you reduce the moisture and humidity in your home.
Be sure to check out some more tips to prevent mold growth on your property.If you find yourself needing help with mold removal and mold remediation in Richmond, give Walker & Frick Construction DKI a call at (804) 282- 1281 and let us know how we can help you.