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Easy to Follow Steps to Plan for an Evacuation

Disasters can strike at any time and can cause serious damage to your home and its contents.  In addition to preparing your home against disaster, DKI, Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. has some easy to follow steps to help keep your family and important items stay safe during a disaster.

Prepare Your Family

Getting your family out of your home and in a safe place is the most important task when disaster strikes. When you are planning for a disaster, include your entire family in the process. Teach your children the importance of following your evacuation plan and ask for any ideas they have about how to exit your home safely an quickly. Ensure each family member is aware of the importance of exiting your home quickly and safely.

What to Take and What Not to Take

Take some time to sit down and make a list of valuable items in your home. Place these items in a list as you would pass them on your way out of your home so that you can easily take them. When it comes to a disaster striking your home, looking for precious items to take with you wastes valuable time. If you have a lot of family photos, consider converting your prints to digital copies and storing them on a small USB drive that is easily taken as you exit your home.

Where Will You Go?

Speak with family or friends about potential emergency accommodations they may be able to provide in your time of need. Once you have chosen your location, examine and plan multiple routes to get there in the event of road closures or a lot of people attempting to exit at same time.

Fire and Water Damage Repair in Richmond Va

When disaster strikes, you aren't alone. Once you are settled in your emergency accommodation, speak with a professional about fire and water damage repair in Richmond on 804 282 1281. Let the professionals here at DKI, Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. utilize their experience and professional equipment to get your home back on track.