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Under normal circumstances, mold decomposes organic matter. However, these fungi can also cause major damages to your property, and not to mention the health problems it can represent. Mold spores are impossible to remove completely, but you can prevent its growth. For this reason at Walter & Frick Construction Co. DKI in Richmond, we prepared the following post containing a few ideas to avoid this problem. 


In order to grow, mold requires a dark and damp habitat, and there are certain areas in your home that set the right condition. Your bathroom is a place prone to develop this problem, so make sure to install an exhaust fan to increase the ventilation and dry the area after every shower. Also, look for leaks under sinks and toilets. A great idea is using a dehumidifier to control the moisture in your home.  


It’s important that you also inspect the exterior of your property; especially your gutters, as leaves and debris are synonym for mold growth. Use your ladder to clean the gutters before spring and fall. Keep in mind that you should also check that your downspouts are diverting the water away from your home.   


Keep in mind that dust is also mold food, so clean your home frequently and don’t forget about those neglected places like room corners or under your furniture. You can remove mold, depending on its extension, simply scrub it with water and soap. 

Mold is more than a musty smell, as it will damage your property and trigger allergies, so be sure to follow these simple ideas. If you are looking for property restoration in Richmond, think about Walter & Frick Construction Co., where our specialists are always ready to offer you a solution 24/7. Please call 804-282-1281 to learn more about our services and how we can help.