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Quick Tips to Protect Your Home Against Water and Fire Damage

Water damage can occur at any time and often without obvious warning. When it does - be prepared. In this post, DKI, Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. has easy to utilize ideas on preparing your roof and gutters from causing water damage.

Start With Your Roof

The best place to start is with your biggest water protector - your roof. Take the time while the weather permits to asses the condition of your roof and fixtures. If your roof shows signs of damage, repair immediately. While any damage may seem small, water only needs the smallest of openings to make its way inside your home and cause serious damage to the structure of your home. If you live in a high-rain area, consider a layer of rubber underneath your shingles to provide an extra layer of water protection.

While You're up There

Take some time to clear and inspect the condition of your guttering system and make sure it is free from clutter that can easily catch fire. While it is important to continue to clean debris, there may be items that have made their way through your system and are preventing it from flowing effectively. Once you are satisfied that you have cleared your gutters sufficiently, run the hose through them and make sure water flows smoothly. If you notice a trickle at the bottom and an over flow at the top, look for signs where the water is being stuck and remove the obstruction. A malfunctioning guttering system promotes the collection or water on your roof, putting additional load on your roof structure, potentially leading to a collapse.

Fire and Water Damage Repair in Richmond, Va

If it's too late and your home has already sustained water damage, act quickly. Speak with a professional water restoration service to attend your property and commence recovery work immediately. If you are looking to recover your home after water damage, speak with DKI, Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. on 804 282 1281 and utilize our experience and professional equipment to get you and your home back on track after water damage.