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Before you take the first swim of the summer in your in-ground pool, read this quick guide by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA to learn how to maintain it properly. 

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How to Maintain an In-ground Pool at Home

Learn More About It

First and foremost, you need to start with the basics. You, your family, and your friends will be dipping in the pool this summer, so you surely want it to be safe and sanitary. To that end, it's important that you first learn how your in-ground pool works and what maintenance needs your pool has. Read your owner's manual thoroughly to find that out.

Pick Up Any Trash That Made Its Way to It

There are a myriad of different things that could end up in your pool, especially when it's been in disuse for a number of months. For example, there can be dead leaves, dead insects, trash, debris, a whole lotta dust, and other gunk lying around in it. Of course, you don't want any of them in there when you're swimming around. What's more, if they reach your pool's inner-system, they can ruin it. Remove them to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Work on Cleaning the Floors and Walls

Speaking of things you don't want in your pool when you're swimming around, you should consider that dust, algae, and other nasty stuff may have gotten stuck to the pool's floors and walls. They also make your pool unsanitary and gross. This is why you'll need to clean them off. To do that, you will need to use a brush or a pool vacuum cleaner. Go through the cleaning process once a week.

Keep It Covered When It's Not Used

A very simple tip that will help you maintain your pool in top shape for longer, is to simply keep it covered when it's not being used. In fact, investing in a good pool cover can actually save you time and money on the pool's overall maintenance, as it will keep a lot of nastiness away from it. The cover can also make the pool a little bit safer if you have children and pets in your household.

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Pump the Pool With Regularity

If you've ever seen a bucket that has had stagnant water for a long time, then you're aware of the many problems it can bring. For one, it can be a breeding spot for mosquitos and other similar pests. It can also increase the humidity levels in the area, which can bring other issues, such as mold development. All of these problems, however, can be avoided if you just run the pump with regularity to get the water moving.

Wash the Filter Every So Often

Your pool needs a filtration system that will stop gunk from reaching its inner components and wreaking havoc on them. As you can imagine, the role the filter plays in this is crucial for your pool's longevity and performance. For that reason, you should wash the filtration system on a weekly basis. This includes checking the filters, emptying the baskets, and replacing what needs replacing when it needs replacing.

Check the pH Balance on Your Pool

The water in your pool needs to strike the right balance: it should be clean enough so that people can swim in it safely, but it shouldn't be so clean that people can get harmed upon getting into contact with its chemicals. To ensure that balance has been struck, you should check the pool's chlorine and pH balance every week. Upon the inspection, make sure that you adjust the levels so that the pool can remain safe and fun.

Hire a Professional to Help You

As a last tip, it's very important that you hire a professional pool technician to help you out with its maintenance. Especially before you use it again after it's been on hiatus, a professional will be able to evaluate the different components, fine-tune whatever areas needs fine-tuning, and verify that everything is working as expected. With their help, you, your family and friends can hit the water and have an awesome summer with your pool.

Call Walker & Frick Construction Co. at 804 282 128 for professional property restoration in Richmond, VA.