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Staging a house can help you sell it much better and faster. If you need quick and simple steps to help your for-sale property get off the market, read this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA.

Staging a house means using techniques to make a property more appealing and more likely to sell well and fast in the real estate market. Going through the staging process can be very beneficial.
  • For one, it allows sellers to get the place ready and control the first impression it makes, ensuring it will create a positive effect on potential buyers.
  • It helps you understand the property's strong points and brings them forward, so they're more noticeable to anyone looking to invest in a property.
  • Likewise, you get to create a blank canvas where suitors can picture themselves living.
  • Lastly, a well-staged property can stand out from the rest in a crowded real estate market.
This is why, if you're putting your property up for sale, here are some main tips you should keep in mind.

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How to Stage a Property

Fix Some Issues

First things first: the thing with staging a house is making sure it will be attractive to potential investors. However, how will you achieve that if your place is bent out of shape? Small maintenance issues can be easy to fix (like discolored walls or loose banisters). Still, if your home has suffered from water, fire, smoke, or mold damage, you will need to get those problems taken care of if you want it to do well and increase its chances of getting off the real estate market. Mold all over the place, water damage on the walls, smoke stains throughout the house, old and unkempt carpeting, and other bigger issues will need a professional property restoration company to fix them. Make sure you'll get the help you need with a dedicated, experienced, and reliable team.

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Clean It Deeply

Imagine going to a property with the intention of spending a good chunk of money on it. However, when you get in the door, you see dust everywhere, the place stinks, and you can't get around because of the clutter. This is why this is a crucial step in staging a house for sale. You simply have to clean it. Still, it can't be a regular cleaning session. You need to be as thorough as possible and go in deep. If you need assistance, you can turn to a professional company to help you with this process, too. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Wipe down every surface in the place (even drawers, cabinets, and spots you never see).
  • Declutter your rooms and get rid of anything that could be hindering your property's potential.
  • Pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen, as people will be more aware of these spaces.
  • If possible, clean the ceiling, too.
  • Don't forget about the backyard, front yard, garden, entryway, porch, pool, and the property's exterior.

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Create a Beautiful Canvas

By now, you've taken care of the property's condition and cleanliness. You've made good progress, but you still have little ways to go if you want your for-sale place to stand out. The last step in the staging process is creating a beautiful canvas. This means arranging the property, decoration, and furniture in a way that can be appealing. Moreover, it's about exploiting the property's potential so other investors can see themselves living there. Follow these tips to that end:
  • Remove all items or colors that could make a big statement or break the illusion you're creating (religious motifs, bright-colored walls, offensive material, and even family photos).
  • Opt for neutral colors on the walls, floors, and main items.
  • Use certain accent colors here and there to make the place pop.
  • Arrange the furniture in a way that's flattering for the property, and that will allow people to walk through it comfortably.
  • Bring life into the place by putting plants everywhere, using scented candles, and letting light into the property.

Making sure a property is in good shape after fire, water, mold, or smoke damage can be tricky. Call Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA, at 804 282 1281 to work with a professional team that can get your home in top condition again.