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If you’ve ever experienced the need for water damage repair in Richmond, then you know that it can be quite the nightmare to fix. Whether the issue is caused by a flood, leaking roof, or leaky pipes, the outcome of mold and mildew, and possible property damage, is not one you want to deal with twice. Walker & Frick Construction Co. would like to help you today, by providing you with one simple step to help keep water damage and mold out of your bathroom. Simply replacing the caulk in your bathroom is an excellent first step. 

Removing the Old Caulking: 
  • You’ll make the job a lot easier on yourself if you purchase a specific caulk remover from your local hardware store. It will help to soften the caulk to make it easier to remove from your tiles and the sides of your bathtub or shower
  • Use it as directed, usually this means spraying it on and allowing it to sit for a few hours to get good and soaked
  • Next, you’ll want to test to see if it’s become easier to peel off. If not, you can always re-apply and try again. Either way, you’ll want to use a putty knife to help you in the removal of the caulk. By now, it should be peeling off easily
  • Your next step is to thoroughly clean the areas where you’ve removed the caulk. You can start with soapy water, but if you see any mildew or mold buildup then you’ll want to switch to something stronger, like bleach
  • Be sure to use protective gear if you’re working with bleach, including gloves and a face mask

Now, for the new application:
  • You can help yourself to keep the bathroom clean by applying painter's tape around the edges of the tub or shower. If you’ve got a pretty steady hand you may find this step is a waste of time
  • You’ll need a caulking gun to help you with the application, so be sure that you’ve already gotten one of those
  • Apply the caulk and, using a round edged utensil, like the brushless end of a paintbrush or your finger, smooth the caulk over the area it needs to cover
  • If you used tape, remove it as soon as you’ve finished the application. Be careful not to pull it up too quickly though
  • Allow the caulk to dry fully before you use the shower or tub. It shouldn’t get wet when it’s still in the process of hardening

As you are doing the replacing, it’s possible that you’ll discover damage you weren’t aware of. Remember for water damage repairs and mold remediation in Richmond, we’re the ones you should call. Keep in mind that we’re also versed in handling repairs do to natural disasters as well. Give us a call today to see how we can best serve your family and your home,  804-282-1281.