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Maintaining everything in your home properly should be one of your main priorities as head of your household. After all, by doing so, you ensure that your home will be nice, pretty, clean, and safe for longer. For example, you should check your smoke detectors on a monthly basis to verify they’re working as expected in case an emergency happens. Still, if you’d like a bit of guidance on how you can inspect your smoke detectors appropriately, then this post is just for you!

How to Test Your Smoke Detectors

Get Your Family Involved

Try to make the inspection of the smoke detectors a family activity. After all, you may want your family members to learn how to do it too so they can help you take care of it in the future.

Do the Alarm Test

First up, you want to make sure that the alarm actually works. To do this, press the button on the smoke detector. You may also want to have a family member stand far away to hear its range. If the smoke alarm isn’t going off, replace the batteries. If it still isn’t working, replace the detector.

Do the Smoke Test

You’ll also need to verify that the detector can detect smoke. For this, you’ll need a smoke detector tester, which has a smoke-like substance in it. Discharge it under the fire alarm and listen for it to go off. Again, if it’s not working, replace the batteries or the detector.

Other Tips

  • As mentioned above, do this procedure once a month to ensure the proper functioning of your fire alarms. Set a reminder on your phone if needed.
  • Be sure to follow through all of the steps above with every single detector in your home.
  • If your smoke detectors are 10 years old (or older), consider replacing them entirely.

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