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If you want to maintain your home's exterior in perfect condition during the summer months and don't want to fall victim to dehydration, heat stroke, or another related ailment, follow the tips in this post.

How to Work Outdoors During the Summer Months

Providing the necessary maintenance to your home is a must, no matter what time of year it is. However, working on its exterior (tending to your garden, cleaning downspouts and gutters, waterproofing the roof, etc.) can be difficult during the summer months. The extreme heat and harsh sun rays can cause dehydration, heat stroke, among other ailments. If you want to care for your home's upkeep, but would like to do so in a safe manner, here are a few tips on how you can work outside during the summer.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Needless to say, you will need to stay properly hydrated while you're caring for your home's exterior. Especially since the temperatures are high and the sun is beaming down on you, you will be sweating more than usual. If you want to prevent dehydration, be sure to have a bottle of water near you as you go. Remember that according to Mayo Clinic, you should be drinking around 9-13 cups a day, though this number could rise if you'll be sweating or are in hot environments.

Rest From Time to Time

Gardening, cleaning, and doing maintenance work outdoors can be tiring. Now, add to it the extreme heat and unbearable sun's rays, and you may find yourself needing to take more breaks along the way. However, that is a good idea: work in small segments and shield yourself from the sun from time to time, so you can avoid some of the risks that come from working outside.

Choose the Right Time to Work

Something very important to note is that choosing the right time to work can make a world of a difference in your performance and your health. The closer to noon you work, the more sunshine and heat you'll have to endure. That's why you should opt for working early in the morning or later in the afternoon. It's also recommended that you check the weather forecast for heat warnings, rain, or other conditions you should avoid if you want to do a good job/remain healthy.

Ask for Help

The burden of the maintenance tasks (and the toll that could come from working outside during summer) can be lessened significantly if you simply ask for help. Turn to your family members, close friends, or those who share the house with you for assistance. This way, you'll be done much faster, in a more efficient way, and without as much exposure to the heat. Plus, it's probable that you'll have more fun, too.

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Choose Appropriate Clothing

Of course, you will need to choose appropriate clothing to wear while you're working outside. For starters, choose something old or that you don't mind doing dirty work in. Likewise, opt for light, breathable fabrics that will allow you to stay as cool as possible through the hot temperatures (for example, linen clothing). Finally, and though this may seem like a contradiction, you should wear clothing that can actually cover you from the sun (i.e. long sleeves and long pants), so your skin can be protected.

Stay Protected from the Sun

Speaking of wearing long sleeves to keep your skin safe, you need to take other measures to reduce your exposure to the harmful rays and prevent certain ailments, such as skin cancer. First and foremost, you need to wear sunscreen. This is a must that you should include in your everyday routine (even when it's winter and cloudy). Other than that, use gloves, sunglasses, and a hat or cap to keep your body as shielded as possible.

Listen to Your Body

As a final tip, you must listen to your body during the process of working on your home's exterior. This is because it will let you know if you are dehydrated or are suffering from heat stroke. Take note if you're feeling extremely hot or fatigued, dizzy, and/or nauseous. If at any point you start feeling weak, stop your work, drink enough water, and rest for a bit. If you continue feeling this way, visit your doctor promptly.

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