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Prepare Your Family for a Hurricane Disaster

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. Hurricanes and tropical storms can take unexpected turns and don't necessarily have to pass over your town to impact you. Lives and properties can be lost, in the flooding, and other related storm catastrophes. It's important to have a plan before a hurricane makes landfall. Be sure every member of your household knows your family's hurricane and tropical storm emergency preparedness plan.

Watch and Listen

During a the threat of a hurricane or tropical storm within 36 hours, tune into local radio and watch television stations for official emergency information.  If there is an evacuation ordered, be prepared. Roadways and airports may be congested or even closed. Keep a self-powered, hand-crank radio handy in case communication is cut off. Hand-crank radios often also have such useful features as a flashlight and USB plug for charging electronic devices.

Protect Valuables and Records

Files, records and storage cabinets should be wrapped in plastic for protection.  Remember to protect cherished photos and albums. Consider purchasing a water and fire proof safe or carrier for added convenience. If you need to evacuate, lock the doors, close all windows and drapes and take your vital records, family photos, and valuables such as jewelry with you.

Prep Inside Your Home

Inventory hurricane emergency supplies such as bottled water and ready to eat canned foods. Clear tables and desks of small items. Secure doorways with sandbags, duct tape and heavy plastic to protect from flooding. Disconnect all electrical appliances. Turn off electricity at the source and the main gas valve into your home. Remove items from the walls and box books and loose papers in a storage cabinet.  

Restoration Services in Richmond

Review your family's hurricane evacuation plan with every member of the household before one hits. Mother Nature is a powerful force. We can take steps to protect our home, valuables and irreplaceable if we plan ahead. Sometimes, disasters are unavoidable. When you have a restoration emergency in your home, call the best in the cityWalker & Frick Construction Company DKIWalker & Frick Construction Company DKI in Richmond, Virginia understands your need for fast, reliable service to get back to everyday life. Need help now? Call the 24-hour emergency response line at 804-282-1281.