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The problems of having mold developing in your home are plenty. To figure out if your carpet is riddled with mold, read through this post by Walker & Frick Construction Co., Inc. DKI in Richmond, VA.  

How to Identify Carpet Mold

Mold growth in your home can present a threat to your and your family's health. Mold Blogger mentions that you could develop dermatitis, headaches, hair loss, respiratory illnesses, and even psychological depression if there's toxic mold developing in your house. To determine if your carpet is riddled with mold, so you can then take the appropriate steps to deal with the situation, follow the tips below.

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Employ Your Sight

First things first, you can use your eyes to figure out if you have a mold problem in the carpeted areas of your house. If upon close inspection, you can notice discoloration in some areas, water rings, black or green spots, or rusted carpet tacks, it may be the doing of water damage or mold growth to your flooring.

Employ Your Sense of Smell

Fortunately (or unfortunately?), mold has a very distinct smell, meaning that you may be able to identify it easily if you just pay attention to what your place smells like. Take some deep breaths in, and if you can detect the scent of rotten eggs, that may be the mold. If you're experiencing nose blindness, ask a friend or relative to do it for you.

Employ Your Sense of Touch

Another one of your senses that can help in this situation is your sense of touch. As you're probably aware, mold requires a damp environment in order to live and grow. For that reason, you should feel your carpeted floors. If they are wet or moist, you can almost be certain that mold will be lurking close by.

Consider High Humidity Areas

Small spaces with little to no ventilation (like your attic, the basement, or the bathroom) are more prone to mold growth, since they will accumulate more humidity. That's why, if you had a carpet installed in any of those rooms, it will be more likely that it will develop mold. Consider those high humidity areas and be careful with the carpet in them.

Recall Other Issues

Does your house have (or has had in the recent past) water-related issues (such as a leaky pipe, a leaky roof, or a flood)? If you answered "yes" and didn't do a good job at fixing those issues, you can bet you will have carpet mold, as it is often the symptom to other problems in the household.

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Notice Your Home's Moisture Levels

As stated time and time again during this post, mold requires moisture to thrive. That's why, by noticing your home's moisture levels, you may be able to determine if you have significant mold presence in your house. If your house has high humidity levels, you may be able to find carpet mold in it.

Track Your Family's Health

By now, you know a bit more of how the increased exposure to toxic mold can affect your and your family's health (especially to your respiratory system). This means that if you or your family has been getting sick frequently, it could be that you've been in contact with mold for too long. Keep track of your family's health to see if you notice an increase.

Search Under the Carpet

If you want to take a more assertive step to figure out what the situation is with carpet mold in your home, you can search under the carpet. To do that, you will need to unfasten the carpet tacks with a screwdriver. After that, remove the top layer of the carpet. If you see moldy spots in the padding underneath, you have carpet mold.

Use a Mold Testing Kit

Last but not least, you can make use of a mold testing kit to detect dangerous levels of mold in your home. You can search for one online or in your supermarket. Once you get it, be sure to follow the instructions correctly to learn if there's mold developing in your home.

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