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Are you curious to learn what a building inspector looks for when going through a property? Then, read this post that Walker & Frick Construction Co. in Richmond, VA has put together for you. 

When renovating or building an edifice, it's necessary to have a local building inspector close by to guarantee that the level of quality of the construction is at the highest. If it isn't, there can be serious issues with the building that can put the safety of those who will occupy it in peril. The inspector does a thorough job to examine the construction and share the issues they notice (if there are any). If this interests you and would like to go into more detail of what exactly a building inspector looks for when going through a construction, continue reading the post below.

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What Does a Building Inspector Look For?

Identifying All of the Possible Hazards

Needless to say, you want to feel safe and protected in your own home. After all, that's the whole point of having a roof over your head. However, what if said roof could be putting you in more danger than you know? Accidents happen (some of which can lead to serious injuries and even death), and they're all the more frustrating when they can be avoided. That's why, one of the most important things that building inspectors do is look for possible hazards in a construction. To that end, they need to search for the following:
  • Malfunctioning, improperly installed or missing ground fault circuit protection for electrical plugs in garages, bathrooms, kitchens, and exterior areas.
  • Malfunctioning arc fault protection devices.
  • Ordinary glass in the place of safety glass where it is called for.
  • Malfunctioning or lack of fire safety features. Smoke detectors, fire-rated doors in, and emergency escape and rescue openings in bedrooms.
  • Malfunctioning carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Too much spacing between balusters on stairways and porches.
  • Improperly installed appliances.
  • Inadequate or inexistent electrical bonding and grounding.
If the building inspector finds one or more of these issues in a construction, they are required to fill out a report and label the construction as "Deficient". After that, those issues should be fixed.

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Going Through the Checklist

Every inspector has a checklist that goes over five sections in a construction. Once the inspector has reviewed the property and has made their notes they go through each of the items on the checklist and checks them off depending on their findings. For example, they can label the section as: inspected, not inspected, not present, and deficient. This will give the construction workers, the owner of the property, and the buyer (in case there is one) a better idea of the state of these five main pillars in a construction. These pillars are the following:
  • The structural systems - these involve anything that has to do with the property's structure, from the foundation all the way to the roof.
  • The electrical systems - as the name states, this has to do with the electrical installation, anything from service panels, branch circuits, connected devices, and fixtures.
  • The ventilation systems - which have to do with the temperature at the property; i.e., heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • The plumbing systems - these are those that help handle waste and water around the property, for instance, drains, waste, vents, water heating equipment.
  • The appliances - as you can imagine, these refer to the devices that are present in different parts of the house, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage.
As you can see, these are very basic things that every construction needs to have in top shape in order to house people comfortably and safely. If upon the inspection, the inspector notices that something is not up to standard, they will mark it as "deficient”. They will then reschedule a visit to see if the problem has been fixed adequately.

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